The best sites to open skins cases and make cases openings

If you are looking for a “cases opening” skin opening site, you have come to the right place. We provide you with all the best CSGO skin opening sites, show you the right sites for your desires and provide you with the best promo and bonus codes! If you’ve ever visited a checkout opening website, or seen a video of a YouTuber, you may have seen skin crates that look different from traditional valve crates. Crate openings are very popular for getting good skins more easily and quickly.

The last list updated in February 2021 :

  • Case opening & Giveways
  • Skins & BTC Deposits
  • Regular Free Cases
0.90$ and 7 free Cases
  • Case opening & Giveways
  • Skins & BTC Deposits
  • Good support
  • Roll and Crash
  • Unboxing Cases
  • Regular Free Cases
  • Case opening & Giveways
  • Area game
  • Enter: goalskins for bonus
+10% Deposit Bonus
  • Case opening
  • Case creator
  • Daily free Cases
0.50$ and 15% Bonus


Site Bonuses: These come in a large assortment and can be very varied, from extra coins to use to open crates or even a reward that can see crates or skins for free!

Deposit and banking services: Depositing money on a csgo betting site is a similar thought to that of a regular betting site. Lots of deposits possible ranging from Mastercards to Bitcoin and other forms of digital money. Another method is to use csgo and vgo skins, which at that point will be turned into money which you can then use to bet.

Game Assortment: CSGO sites also have a range of different games and esports to bet on. Opening crates is fun, but there are other games to watch out for, including CSGO spaces, blackjack, coinflip, and high stakes games. Each of these games comes with its own specific ways for the player to earn skins and money.

What are skin crate openings?

Opening crates of skins like CSGO, RUST, or even DOTA 2 online is similar to opening valve crates that you get while playing CSGO or purchased on the Steam market. You click to open the case and a marker will start. The CSGO skin or knife you have earned will be displayed and added to your Steam inventory.

Instead of buying a key to unlock the case through the Steam Marketplace, you buy the crate from the site and open it immediately. Depending on the crate you purchased, you may have different skins. The more expensive crates are much more likely to drop valuable loot, but that doesn't mean you can't earn expensive items from the less expensive crates. Crates are suitable for each desired skins.

What are the odds of getting good skins?

Whether you open skins through Steam or on opening sites, the chances of getting a skin you want or making a profit are a gamble. That doesn't mean it's impossible, but you definitely need to consider what the odds are of getting the different skin rarities.


Blue - 100 items - 79.92%
Purple - 20 items - 15.98%
Rose - 4 items - 3.2%
Red - 0.8 objects - 0.64%
Yellow - 0.32 objects - 0.26%

Opening a crate directly on the CSGO game costs € 2.50 and you have a 0.26% chance of getting a rare yellow item, thanks to checkout sites, the early chances of getting a rare item are higher. high, and by opening more expensive crates, you can guarantee yourself to avavor certain skins and not be disappointed.